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Watch! Go! Now!


2011-04-03 17:15:42 by Saverinator

YEAH!! soon ima start working off rust, and begin a new flash! YAY!

Hey mah n***as!

2011-03-29 19:30:41 by Saverinator

PISS OUT ASS. :D gunna get a new mouse sometime, rebuild my animating "skillz," and expect new cartoons! and meet me behind quiznoes for free blowjobs on april first!!


2011-02-22 20:01:43 by Saverinator

Blah my mouse is broken, and my computer sucks, don't expect anything for a long while. Hiatus sucks.

Hey babes.

2011-01-10 22:56:41 by Saverinator

It's been awhile.

CLICK NAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WATCH "Be Speshul." !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PISS OUT MY ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2010-10-06 20:40:04 by Saverinator

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Be Speshul, update 4.

2010-09-28 21:58:39 by Saverinator

I am done animating, 1445 frames, I expected more, but then again, I always do. Later I am going to add music, speech, and sound fx. It is about two minutes long, but I still believe it gets the message along. Yeah it isn't colorful, suck me I am not going to make it so. So expect it sometime this week/next week! (unless I postpone it out of laziness.)

Be Speshul, update 4.

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Be Speshul, update 3.

2010-09-21 21:01:49 by Saverinator

I have seemed to have reached a animator's block right now. I've come to a part where I'm not sure how to continue the movie. I have though of two different paths I want to take the movie, both getting my point across, yet still I am unable to choose between the two. Hopefully I will have plenty of thinking time during school tomorrow, so that I may continue animating.